3 Ideas To Help You Start Hunting Bank Rolls For Valuable Coinage

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3 Ideas To Help You Start Hunting Bank Rolls For Valuable Coinage

27 September 2016
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If you are getting your teeth wet hunting for precious coins, you may want to find some of the most valuable coins possible. Did you know that banks do not want you to know that they have a lot of valuable coinage? Hunting these coins in coin collecting is often referred to as bank roll hunting because of the coin rolls you get. There is treasure to be found in these rolls, and here are some tips that can help you get started:

1. Get A Wad Of Cash And Exchange It For A Box Of Quarters

Before you get started bank roll hunting, you will want to have a wad of cash to trade in for your coins. The first hunt you may want to do is searching rolls of quarters. Take the cash you have for this project and go to the bank and ask them to exchange the cash for rolls of quarters. Take these quarters home and look through them for rare and silver quarters. You can roll the common quarters back up and exchange them for cash. Take the cash to a different bank and get new rolls of quarters.

2. Exchange Cash For Dimes, Nickels, And Pennies To Hunt For Rare Coins

In addition to quarters, there are other coins that you may want to go through too. Often, nickels, dimes, and pennies can have older and rarer coins packed in the rolls. You can go to another bank and ask them for rolls of each. Going to a different bank will reduce the chance of the bank catching on to what you are doing and other people copying you. If you find a bank that has their own rolls, rather than those from a third party service, these may be better to check for the older coins and silver.

3. Find Newer Minted Coins That Are Worth Saving In Your Coin Rolls

There are also newer coins that can be worth hunting for. Some of the special collections like state quarters and national park service coins can be good to add to a collection. Some of these coins can also have errors that make them valuable. When you are coin roll hunting, you may want to put these coins to the side to sort through separately and examine for some of the more valuable coins.

These are some tips that can help you get started bank roll hunting for valuable coinage. Once you have found a stash of silver, contact a coin dealer to get help with appraisals and selling your found treasures.