5 Indoor Decor Gifts For Summertime Gifting

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5 Indoor Decor Gifts For Summertime Gifting

22 July 2017
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If you have a friend or family member who is celebrating a wedding or housewarming party, common gifts to bring are indoor decor items--whether they be small pieces of decor or larger pieces. If these celebrations are happening in the summer, you can definitely ensure that you are giving one of the best gifts by helping your friend or family member bring summer living into their home. Here are five indoor decor gifts that are perfect for summer.

  1. Decorative Pillows: Gifting decorative pillows that have summertime themes, such as seashells, sea creatures, and the beach is a great way for your loved one to spruce up their home for summertime living. Simply by changing the pillows on the couch, living room chairs, and bed, you are able to give the home a consistent theme that matches the changing season. 
  2. Succulents: Succulent plants make great decor gifts in the summer because they are not only extremely popular, but in the summer they are also easy to take care of because they thrive in warm environments with very little water. 
  3. Shower Curtain: Changing up the shower curtain, similar to changing the decorative pillows in the home, also makes way for a consistent summer theme in the home. Since the shower curtain takes up a huge space in the bathroom, it makes a great decorative summer piece in the home. 
  4. A Quilt: Whether handmade or not, a quilt with bright colors makes a great addition to any home in the summertime. Since it's warmer outside, a quilt makes the perfect addition to help you keep cozy in the home while not getting too hot since quilts are not heavy in weight; rather, they are light, decorative, and generally brightly colored. 
  5. Summer Candles and Scents: Finally, gifting summer scents for air fresheners in the home along with summer scented candles is a great idea. Candles always make a great gift, but people generally don't think of them in the summer. However, there are plenty of candles available that have perfect summer beach scents. You can also pair them with summery candle holders that have shells, sand, or other beachy themes. 

With these summertime decor gift ideas, you can definitely put together a great gift for a friend or family member moving into a new home or even anyone who has a birthday in the summer season. You can even create a nice gift basket with all of these ideas compiled together.