3 Common But Little-Known Services Often Offered By A Good Jewelry Store

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3 Common But Little-Known Services Often Offered By A Good Jewelry Store

14 August 2017
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Windows lined with sparkling bling and interior shelves with fascinating sparkle on full display–there are all kinds of reasons why you may stop in for a visit at a local jewelry store. However, these high-end specialty retailers usually have far more to offer than what the average consumer really knows about. In fact, many of the best jewelry stores offer a full range of services from professionally jewelry cleaning to size adjustments. Yet, there are even more services that these jewelry dealers offer you may have never given consideration. Check out these three little-known services offered by a good jewelry store.

Collateral Loans

Collateral loans are often thought of as something you can only get at a financial institution or maybe a pan broker. However, some of the best jewelry stores actually offer collateral loans for jewelry as well. These loans operate much like a pawn agreement in which you offer a certain piece as collateral and you are loaned the amount of money you need as long as the piece will cover the amount you want. Collateral loans for jewelry pieces are an exceptionally easy way to get cash you need when you are in a bind, and unlike other types of loans, you don't usually have to jump through hoops and a ton of paperwork to get the cash you need. 

Gemstone Authenticity Checks 

If you have a necklace that has been passed down through generations and you're not real sure if that "ruby" is real or if you are a little skeptical that your boyfriend really shelled out a lot of dough for that huge "diamond" ring, ask the jewelry store employees. Most jewelry stores can effectively assess a gemstone and tell you whether or not it is authentic. Some can even help you get certain pieces appraised and help you get certificates of authenticity for your piece if it does turn out to be the real deal. 

Cash for Gold 

Have you got your eye on a new piece at the jewelry store, but don't quite have enough to cover the cost? If so, it may be worth asking if the jewelry store you are visiting has a cash for gold program. Many jewelry store now offer cash for scrap gold pieces. And even if they don't do cash for gold, many will still allow you trade-in value for your old jewelry pieces that are valuable and made from fine materials.