Absolutely Love Cats? How To Flaunt Your Furry Fascination

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Absolutely Love Cats? How To Flaunt Your Furry Fascination

7 September 2017
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Cats- they captivate and amuse you, fascinate you and make you laugh. Those that adore cats often say that cats are better than people. If this describes you to a "T," then maybe you should do more to promote these fun, furry, feline friends. Here are a few things you can do to flaunt your furry fascination:

Wear Cat Jewelry or Make Pro-Cat Pins for Sale

Other cat adorers collect all things cat, too. Wear cat-themed jewelry with pride, or make pro-cat jewelry, such as pins and necklaces, and then sell them at craft fairs. You may make several new human friends who like cats just as much as you do.

Carry One of Your Favorite Cats Wherever You Go

If you have a cat or two that does not mind being carried around like an infant, you can stash him or her in the "kitty baby carrier." This fun and funky pet accessory hangs over your shoulders like a front-loading baby carrier but is made to carry a cat instead. You will probably get a lot of looks, but you will also get a lot of people who want to pet your fur-baby!

Wear Cat T-shirts, Sleep Shirts, and Cat Pants

There is a never-ending supply of kitty-cat wear you can buy and sport around the house and about town. Cat t-shirts are the most common, followed by pajamas and sleep shirts with kitties on them, and even stretch pants and yoga pants with cat faces embroidered on the knees. Cat socks and headbands with cat ears attached complete your cat-themed wardrobe. 

Decorate with Cat Home Decor

Want cats on absolutely everything you own? That is not hard to do. There is plenty of cat art, cat blankets, cat sheets, cat towels, and even a sleeping cat doorstop or two. If you are truly a "crazy cat lady" or "crazy cat man," there are plenty of home decor sites that have plenty of cat items to deck out your house. You can even get seasonal and holiday decor that surrounds cats as the main theme.

Give Your Own Cats Cat-Themed Accessories

When your cats are the only ones not sporting or using anything with cats all over it, you need cat accessories with cats on them too. Cat dishes with cats or feline-related decorative touches, cat furniture with cats on it, and cat toys with more cat-related symbols are all available.

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