Want To Give Your Child A Special Gift For Christmas? Choose A Wooden Dollhouse Or A Memory Quilt

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Want To Give Your Child A Special Gift For Christmas? Choose A Wooden Dollhouse Or A Memory Quilt

27 October 2017
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If you want to give your child a special gift for Christmas this year, you have many options to consider. Most gifts you can find at any toy store, but there are others that are much more special as they are not found everywhere. Two things you can consider is a wooden dollhouse or a memory quilt. Below is more information about both things so you can decide if they would be right for your child.

Wooden Dollhouse

If you go to a toy store, you will see a variety of plastic dollhouses, but you will likely not see wooden dollhouses. Wooden dollhouses are more durable compared to plastic, and the house will likely stand up long enough for your child to give the house to their children.

Baltic birch wood is often used for these playhouses. This is because this wood has alternating vertical and horizontal grains, which makes the wood strong and durable. The wood is also resistant to moisture and warping. You can have the wood painted or you can keep it natural. If you choose natural, the wood will be sanded and then stained or varnished.

There are companies that will make wooden dollhouses for you. They can make wooden furniture for the house also. You can choose a pre-made design, but many companies will allow you to choose things like how many doors and windows you want for the house, how tall and wide you want it to be, and more. Electricity can be added also if you want the lights to come on in the house.

Memory Quilt

Depending on the age of your child, they may love a memory quilt. You can have this made by a quilt maker or make it on your own if you have experience. For the quilt, gather together some favorite photos of your child, as well as photos of their friends. If they played a sport, cut out part of an old uniform and use it for the quilt.  If you child has an old shirt that they wanted to wear every day, put a piece of this on the quilt.

Once you choose what you want on the quilt, you have to choose the fabric. You can choose a plain color, such as your child's favorite color, or a variety of designs with flowers and shapes.

The ideas of what you can use are endless, but whatever you choose, your child will cherish their quilt. They will keep it with them and in the years ahead will remember all the good times.

You can make Christmas extra special for your child with these two ideas.