Are You Interested In Making Money On Your Unused Clothing?

I have always been one of those people who absolutely loves to shop, which is why I started focusing on saving money. Although it might seem counter-intuitive, having a focus on shopping really helped me to save money so that I could get out there and hit the sales a little more. I wanted to spread this love for retail throughout the entire world, so I decided to make this blog. Check out these helpful posts for saving money, living better, and enjoying new products that you will cherish. I know that many of these tips have helped me, and I know they can help you too.

Are You Interested In Making Money On Your Unused Clothing?

19 September 2018
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Do you have clothes in your closet that are in perfect shape, and yet you know you'll never wear them again? Perhaps you bought a beautiful elegant dress for a special event, maybe for a cruise and, while you love it, you'd rather buy a totally new dress for your next fancy event. Or, it may be that you have an abundance of silk blouses, some even in the same color. Yet, you find you reach for the same one over and over again, just because it's your favorite. With the holidays coming up, you might have considered that you can use those unused items to make some money to use on Christmas gifts. And, you've probably also figured out that people will be shopping for good deals before Christmas. From being part of a consignment marketplace to having a showing at your own home, here are some ideas that might help you.

Consignment Marketplace - Have you ever sold anything at a consignment store? If so, you have probably already thought of returning with the clothes you aren't wearing anymore. If you've never been to a consignment store, prepare to be amazed. It will more than likely feel like you are shopping at a very nice boutique that sells brand new clothes. Consignment stores will want your clothes to be cleaned and in like-new condition. If you have a lot of clothes to sell, you might be asked to leave them so that they can be inventoried later, and there might even be only certain days that new consignments are accepted. You will probably be paid a certain percentage of the sale after it has been made. Be patient. If the consignment store accepted the items in the first place, that means that it will probably sell. Talk to a business like Rummage Sales to learn more.

At-Home Selling - You know how artists will often have a showing of their work? Have you considered inviting friends and family members to shop at your house? You could send out clever invitations with a picture of a cute robber on the front of the invitation. The inside message might say something like, The clothes you buy at my house will be a real steal! Think of telling others that they can bring their own clothes to either sell or trade, too. Consider making a big deal out of your at-home showing. For example, have decadent chocolates or cookies on a tray, along with different beverages.