Pros and Cons of Buying a Faucet with a Built-in Light

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Pros and Cons of Buying a Faucet with a Built-in Light

22 January 2019
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When you shop for a new faucet for your kitchen or bathroom, you'll see products in a number of different styles. One of the more unique types of faucets that you'll see is one that has a built-in light. This light turns on when you lift the handle to make the water flow. Often, the light can be a vibrant color, such as blue or green. If you're thinking about buying this type of product, here are some pros and cons that you should consider first.

Pro: Wow Factor

There's little doubt that one of the biggest reasons to buy a faucet with a built-in light is the wow factor of this product. It's highly likely that very few people in your life have such a device, which can make them impressed and amused when they visit your home and turn on the tap. This is especially true for people you haven't told about this particular feature, as they'll be surprised and impressed.

Con: More Maintenance

Although you'll usually find that the lights inside of faucets are long-lasting LEDs, you have to accept that you could have to change one of the lights in time. A lot of homeowners keep their faucets for a long period of time—perhaps a decade or more, in some cases—and the light could burn out in this time. It doesn't hurt to read about the process involved in changing the bulb so that you know what this project entails if you have to face it.

Pro: Useful as a Light Source

You may find that the light in your faucet can be especially useful at certain times. For example, if you were to get up in the night to get a glass of water in the kitchen or in the bathroom, you might not want to turn the room's light on. If you can successfully find your way to the sink, turning on the tap can provide enough of a glow to light your glass and help you to fill it, but not brighten the room so much that it makes you feel more awake.

Con: Distracting for Kids

If you have children, it's almost certain that they'll be enthralled with a faucet with a built-in light. This is obviously a good thing, but there's a chance that your children may be so into this feature that they frequently turn it on when you're not around. In addition to wasting water, especially if they were to forget to turn it back off, there's a small risk of a mess—for example, if the stopper were in the sink and the children didn't notice. Whether you buy a faucet with a built-in light or a conventional faucet, plumbing supply stores, like Universal Plumbing, should have a variety of choices.