Area Rug Buying Tips For Homeowners

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Area Rug Buying Tips For Homeowners

26 June 2019
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As carpets have gone out of fashion and have been replaced by solid-surface floors, many homeowners have turned to area rugs to soften up their living spaces and to prevent people from slipping and sliding on their wood or tile floors. 

If your home has tile or wood floors and you want to cover up some areas with area rugs, then these buying tips will help you choose the best options:

Buying Tip: Set a Budget Before You Start Shopping

Before you start shopping for area rugs, you first need to set a budget. Area rugs are available in many different sizes, styles, and price points.

For example, you can buy a large rug at your local big box store for about a hundred dollars, and you can also buy the same size area rug at specialty carpet stores for thousands of dollars. So, before you start shopping, you need to decide on a reasonable budget to keep yourself from spending a lot more money than you originally planned for this project. 

Buying Tip: Do Some Research Online About Size and Furniture Placement Before Shopping

While you need to carefully measure the floor where you want to place the area rug to determine the proper size to purchase, you also need to consider how the rug will look in the room.

For example, are you buying a large area rug for your living room? If so, will you place the legs of your chair and couch on the rug, or do you plan to put the rug in front of the couch where it will be completely visible? 

Since where you will place the rug will greatly affect the overall design aesthetic of the room, take some time before you shop to look at online photos of well-designed rooms using area rugs. This will help you know how big your new rugs need to be and exactly where they should be placed.

Buying Tip: Dining Room Rugs Need to be Large Enough to Allow for Easy Use of the Chairs

Lastly, if you are buying an area rug for your dining room, then you should buy one big enough to allow for at least two to three feet of space around the outside of the edge of the table. This is important because it will allow for people eating at the table to easily move their chairs in and out from the table without constantly getting the legs stuck on the edge of the rug or tripping them up. 

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