Are You Decorating Your Family Room In A Western Theme?

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Are You Decorating Your Family Room In A Western Theme?

21 August 2019
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Have you decided to redecorate your family room? Or it might be that you're moving into a new house and you are in the process of working on ideas for your family room decor. Whether it's a redecorating job or a brand new one, if you've chosen a western theme for your family room, you're in for some fun shopping. From buying a cowhide rug to choosing the furniture, here are some ideas that might help you.

A Cowhide Rug

Maybe you were traveling in a state like Montana or Texas and you actually saw somebody selling cowhide rugs right from his or her truck as you were driving along a country road. If so, did it catch your fancy? Did you stop to buy one right away? If not, maybe you weren't prepared to make that purchase at that time, but you knew that you would buy one at your earliest convenience.

If the time has come that you can buy the cowhide rug you have been wanting, you still have some decisions to make. For example, do you want black and white for the color of the rug, or would you prefer brown and white? Are you going to use it on the floor, or will you be using the rug as a wall hanging? Either way, the cowhide rug will be easy to clean. Just vacuum it when you vacuum the rest of the furniture, and the job is done. 

​Western Furniture

Think about getting rustic wooden furniture for your western-themed family room. Leather would be a great choice for the upholstery because it will wear extremely well. Plus, leather comes in different colors. Consider choosing a color that will complement the rug you chose. For instance, if you bought a brown and white cowhide rug, then brown would be a great choice for your leather upholstery.

Denim would be another good choice for rustic furniture. Blue denim is probably the most traditional choice. However, think of choosing red denim just to add a bit of drama to the room. Choose throw pillows that will add to the western look you want. For example, choose throw pillows that are also made of cowhide. Or choose western-themed throw pillows that make a fun statement. For example, one throw pillow could say something like, Cowboys And Cowgirls Rule! or Leave Your Saddle On The Horse! Check out options through retailers like Furug Luxury Goods.