Three Ways That A Metal Laser-Engraved Luggage Tag Will Stand The Test Of Time

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Three Ways That A Metal Laser-Engraved Luggage Tag Will Stand The Test Of Time

6 February 2020
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you travel by air or train several times a year, it can be worthwhile to invest in a high-quality luggage tag that you can affix to your suitcase. You might have experience using a variety of lower-quality methods, such as paper tags that you get from the check-in counter or plastic tags that you buy at the airport gift shop. Instead, look for an online seller that provides metal laser-engraved luggage tags. You can customize your tag with your name and address, as well as any other information that you want, and be confident in its quality. Here are some ways that this type of luggage tag will stand the test of time:

It Won't Get Ripped Off

Virtually every traveler has experience with his or her luggage tag getting ripped off at some point during transit. For example, you might pick up your checked suitcase at the airport baggage carousel and notice that your luggage tag is no longer attached to the suitcase. Low-quality luggage tags can lack the strength to stay on your bag. They're often connected with elastic or plastic, both of which can tear. A high-quality metal laser-engraved luggage tag secures onto your suitcase with a metal loop, meaning that it won't come off.

It Won't Get Scratched

Plastic luggage tags can also get scratched over time. If you're lucky enough that your luggage tag has remained on your suitcase for a number of trips, you may notice that it has rubbed against other hard objects enough that the plastic is severely scratched. In some cases, the scratches may affect the ability to read your information. In other cases, the condition of the luggage tag may simply be so poor that you're embarrassed of it. A metal laser-engraved luggage tag is resilient and difficult to scratch.

It Will Stand Up To The Weather

Travelers' suitcases often find themselves in wet environments. You might be waiting for a taxi in the rain, for example, or need to walk a considerable distance across a parking lot while it's snowing. A paper luggage tag won't do well in such an environment, as the water can cause the ink to fade and the tag itself to begin deteriorating. You won't have any worries about being in the rain or snow when you have a metal laser-engraved luggage tag on your suitcase. You can simply wipe off the moisture when you get a chance, and appreciate that it still looks as good as new.