Caring For Your Favorite Hat

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Caring For Your Favorite Hat

31 March 2020
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

For many people, their baseball hat will be an essential part of their wardrobe, and it may even be needed for their work. Unfortunately, people will make the mistake of failing to consider the amount of wear that these hats can sustain. As a result, they may find that their hat suffers excessive wear due to them failing to take some basic precautions for protecting the hat.

Clean The Hat Regularly

Failing to keep the hat clean can be a common mistake that people will make. This can allow the hat to develop extremely unpleasant smells that could then transfer to your hair. Also, the dirt and soil can permanently discolor the hat, which will potentially ruin its appearance. When washing the hat, you should consider doing it by hand in a sink with cold water and a light amount of detergent. Furthermore, thoroughly rinse the hat and allow it to air dry so that the detergent will be fully removed and the hat will avoid the damage that a dryer could cause.

Apply A Protective Coating To The Hat

A protective fabric coating can substantially increase the lifespan of your favorite hat. These coatings can prevent soil and other materials from coming into contact with the fabric of the hat. Unfortunately, this coating will provide limited protection for the interior of the hat due to the fact that your sweat may weaken or breakdown this coating. However, it can still offer important protection to the exterior of the hat, but it should be reapplied every few months to keep the hat protected.

Consider Wearing A Bandana Under The Hat

Sweat and oil from your heat can be a source of substantial wear to the hat. Wearing a bandana can help prevent the hat from absorbing as much of the sweat and oil that may be coming from your head. This can be extremely effective for those that anticipate wearing the hat in hot conditions or while they are doing manual labor that will cause them to start to sweat.

Properly Store The Hat When You Are Not Wearing It

Improper storage is another concern that can impact your hat. When you are not wearing it, you should make sure that the hat is not being folded or other compressed while it is being stored. This can deform the hat, which may cause it to no longer fit your head properly. If the hat is a classic or otherwise collectible hat, it can actually be worth investing in a mannequin head so that it will retain its shape while being stored.

Whether you are preserving a beloved favorite or shopping for a new baseball hat or classic trucker hat and follow the above tips to keep your it looking like new.