Two Tips To Follow When Shopping For Curtain Rods

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Two Tips To Follow When Shopping For Curtain Rods

6 April 2021
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Here are two tips to take note of if you need to shop for curtain rods.

Get solid wrought-iron curtain rods if your curtains are thick and heavy

If you've invested in some thick, lined curtains that are far heavier than the type you usually buy, you should pick up some solid wrought-iron curtain rods to hang them on. If you hang these types of curtains on plastic or wooden rods, the weight of the fabric could pull the rods down over time. The collapse of one of these rods and the curtains that are attached to them would not only mean you'd have to rehang the rod but could also result in the rod colliding with household members or nearby ornaments, causing injuries or breakages.

Furthermore, the rod itself might also get damaged. Conversely, if you purchase some sturdy wrought-iron rods, even the heaviest of curtains won't make them collapse — provided they are attached correctly to some soundly constructed drywall. This way, you won't have to worry about any disastrous collapses occurring.

Purchase spray paint if you can't find rods in the color you'd like

If you cannot find curtain rods that are both the right material and the right color, you should pick ones that are the material you want (such as wrought iron), along with a can of spray paint. Painting a curtain rod is quite easy; you'll just need to balance its ends on some blocks to keep it elevated and then spray the paint onto its surface, adding a few light coats until it's opaque.

It's far better to buy and paint a high-quality rod, like wrought-iron ones, than to pick up a cheaper one that's the right color, as the latter's lifespan will be very brief in comparison to the former's and may cause the above-mentioned problems if used with heavy curtains.

Additionally, because most art and hardware stores sell lots of spray paint colors, choosing to do this small DIY project will mean you won't have to put up with a curtain rod in a shade that's not quite what you wanted, but can instead either find the perfect spray paint shade or mix a couple of cans to make the color and finish you want. If for example, you want a lilac rod with a glitter finish, you could buy lilac paint and mix it with a clear glitter one.

For more information, contact a company that supplies options like solid iron curtain rods.