Tips For Gifting Trump Coozies

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Tips For Gifting Trump Coozies

5 November 2021
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

Trump coozies are such a great gift idea. You can give the coozie ironically to someone who doesn't approve of the former president, or you can give it as a serious gift to someone who is a Trump fan. In either case, the coozie is sure to make your recipient smile, both when they open it and when they start to use it. If you want to go above and beyond, though, here are some more involved ideas for gifting a Trump coozie.

Give it with some beer.

A coozie is meant to hold beer, so why not give the Trump coozie along with a case or package of beer? If your recipient has a favorite beer, then a case of that beer is the perfect choice. If your recipient is more adventurous when it comes to beer, then you may want to get them a 6-pack of something inventive from a nearby craft brewery. Either way, they'll be able to slip one right into their Trump coozie and giggle the night away as they sip.

Give it with a book.

Another option is to give the Trump coozie alongside a book about the former president himself. If your recipient is pro-Trump, then look for a book by Trump himself, such as The Art of the Deal. If your recipient is not a Trump fan, then instead look for a book that speaks to his shortcomings. Peril by Bob Woodward is a good choice. I'll Take Your Questions Now by Stephanie Grisham is another option. Your recipient can sip beer from their Trump coozie while reading about Trump. What could be better?

Give it with some other presidential coozies.

If your recipient really likes coozies and collects them, then you may want to give them a few coozies—one of which is the Trump coozie. You could also include an Obama coozie and a Biden coozie, representing the two bookends to the Trump Presidency. If your recipient is not a Trump fan, you may instead want to look for coozies representing presidents who were not well-regarded, like Nixon and Carter. 

Trump coozies are pretty easy to find, and they don't tend to be expensive. If you come across a few, then you could buy them to give to a variety of people this coming year. Give some alongside cases of beer, others with books, and others in combination with other presidential coozies.

If you are looking for Trump beer coozies to give as gifts, check out a company that sells them, such as Bobble Babes.