Confirm These Things When You Rent A Crib

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Confirm These Things When You Rent A Crib

10 January 2022
 Categories: Shopping, Blog

If you're going to be traveling with your family and you have a young child who uses a crib at night, renting this piece of furniture instead of traveling with your own will often make sense. As part of your pre-trip preparation, you should take some time to find a crib rental service in the city that you'll be visiting. You can expect that they will have multiple crib types, as well as a selection of baby sleep accessories, that will come in handy while you're away from home. Before you rent the crib, it's useful to confirm a handful of things by either checking on the service's website or calling to ask some questions.


While it's possible to visit the crib rental service's location to pick up your crib, another option is to have the service deliver it to where you'll be staying. Lots of crib rental services offer delivery, and using this service can be handy. When you arrive in the city, the last thing that you may want to do — especially if it's late in the day and you have a fussy infant in the car — is to go pick up your crib. It's far more convenient to provide the address of where you'll be staying to the rental service and know that the crib will be waiting for you there when you arrive.

Safety Inspection

When you place your child in the rented crib at night or at naptime, you want to have full confidence that this piece of furniture is safe. Make sure that you rent from a service that specifies that it puts all of its cribs through a thorough safety inspection before making them available to customers. This inspection should include checking each piece of hardware on the crib to ensure that it's structurally sound.

Enhanced Cleaning

You can always expect that a crib rental service will clean a crib before you use it, but in the pandemic age, you may feel more confident knowing exactly what cleaning measures will take place. A lot of rental services provide information on their websites about the enhanced cleaning steps that they perform on each crib prior to customers using it. For example, you'll want to see that the entire surface of the crib is thoroughly cleaned with the appropriate cleaning products. Learn more about each of these things by contacting a crib rental service.