Why Invest In an 18-Inch Turquoise Pendant Necklace?

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Why Invest In an 18-Inch Turquoise Pendant Necklace?

20 July 2022
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If you want to invest in fine jewelry, investing in an 18-inch turquoise pendant necklace is a wise direction to go. Not only is this selection of jewelry beautiful, it can be a very wise investment to make for longer term holding. Whether you want to buy jewelry so you can pass it on to your children or future generations or you want to invest in beautiful pieces for yourself, learn why an 18-in turquoise pendant necklace is a smart purchase.

You get a piece of jewelry that is versatile

Some gemstones and precious stones are not as versatile as others regarding how they can be worn. For example, diamonds may be limited to engagement or wedding rings or special occasion studs. However, other styles of jewelry, such as those with turquoise in them, are far more versatile in where and how they can be worn. Turquoise is a beautiful stone that is both fun and engaging, so if you invest in an 18-in turquoise pendant necklace, you can wear it whenever and wherever you wish.

Note: If you want a pendant that is commanding, go for a larger stone center and a beautiful setting. For a smaller more versatile necklace, stick to a smaller pendant that can be more discreetly worn. You can match your turquoise pieces with silver or gold jewelry or with other stone settings, such as moonstone, jade, or even classic diamonds for a twist in fashion.

You get a piece of jewelry that holds value

Turquoise is among one of the most recognizable and affordable stones, which means if you were to ever sell your 18-in turquoise pendant necklace, you shouldn't have much problem in doing so. Just hold on to the certificate of authenticity with your pieces and keep your pendant clean and stored in a safe place. Turquoise is easy to care for and a durable stone so you shouldn't have to worry about keeping this stone from breaking.

What you spend on your new 18-in turquoise pendant necklace will depend on the chain of the necklace. A sterling silver chain will be cheaper than a gold one, while a rope chain will be cheaper still. The size of the pendant will also determine price. You can get a turquoise pendant online or via other sources. A certificate of authenticity should be included with your purchase, and if not, an outside appraisal should come with the jewelry.

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