3 Types Of Delta 8 Products For Those Who Don't Like To Inhale Their Remedies

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3 Types Of Delta 8 Products For Those Who Don't Like To Inhale Their Remedies

18 January 2023
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Some people instantly turn their nose up at the idea of delta 8 products because they assume they'd have to inhale them. Indeed, some delta-8 products, like vapes, need to be inhaled. But there are also some forms of delta-8 that you don't need to inhale. If you think you could benefit from the pain-relieving, anti-anxiety, insomnia-fighting power of delta-8, then you might want to reconsider and try one of these alternative, non-inhaled forms.


You've probably seen CBD gummies by now since they've become so common. Delta-8 gummies aren't quite as common, but they do exist and are becoming more popular among vendors. These taste and look like gummy candy, but they are infused with a small amount of delta-8. Chew one or two based on your desired dose, and in an hour or so, you will start to feel the effects. Most customers love the taste of delta-8 gummies and also how easy they are to dose. There's no measuring or guessing how much delta-8 you're getting. The one downfall is that they take a while to kick in.


A delta-8 tincture is basically a liquid solution of delta-8 suspended in either oil or alcohol. These come in little bottles with droppers. You dispense the amount you want under your tongue. Most of the delta-8 will be absorbed into the capillaries under your tongue; you'll swallow what remains. Tinctures don't always taste very good, although there are some fruit-flavored ones that are relatively pleasant. They work faster than gummies, however, and they tend to be less expensive since they have a simple formula. With tinctures, you can easily adjust your dose by taking a couple more or fewer drops.


Did you know you can also apply delta-8 topically? It will be absorbed through your skin and into your bloodstream. It will be most active near the area where you've applied it. So, this makes topicals a good choice if you are using delta-8 for specific pain such as arthritis in your knee or a torn ligament in your ankle. Topicals can be a bit more expensive than other delta-8 products because the formulas are more complex. However, they are convenient and a good choice for anyone who doesn't like the flavor of delta-8 edibles.

If you don't like to inhale, you can still enjoy the benefits of delta-8. Just consider one of the product types above.